How to collect a dog's sperm sample

Semen is easily collected from most dogs if you know how to do it. If you are not experienced or do not know how to take the sample, we recommend that you seek advice with a vet or dog breeder who can then assist you.

The dog is encouraged to ejaculate by rapid massage of the bulbus glandis through the prepuce. Canine semen is ejaculated in three fractions. The first fraction, or pre-sperm fraction, is composed of a few drops of clear fluid that originates from the prostate. Although this is uncommon, certain dogs may ejaculate several mL of the pre-sperm fraction. The second fraction is the sperm-rich fraction. The volume of the sperm-rich fraction varies from 0.5 to 8 mL, depending on testicular size and individual variation. The sperm-rich fraction appears cloudy and opalescent. Usually no attempt is made to separate the first two fractions. The third and largest fraction is prostatic fluid, of which there may be as much as 30 mL. Normal prostatic fluid is clear and easily distinguished from the milky, sperm-rich fraction.

Watch a video on how to collect a sperm samlpe from a dog here.